News June 28, 2017

HKIRC Survey Reveals Hong Kongers’ Views and Expectations on Smart City Development at 2016 Digital Marketplace Seminar

Smart Technologies smarten up Hong Kong people’s daily life and create local business opportunities

HONG KONG, 18 August 2016 ─ Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC) today held the 8th Digital Marketplace Seminar themed “Smart City Business ─ Shaping Our Future” at the Hong Kong Cyberport in the presence of the honourable officiating guest, Ir. Allen Yeung, Government Chief Information Officer, HKSAR Government.

Smart city is a global mega trend, leading to significant economic development and social diversity. The transformation of Hong Kong into a Smart City is underway and has been at the top of the government’s agenda. In this year’s Policy Address, the Chief Executive outlined the Government’s intent to develop Hong Kong into a Smart City, starting with expanding free Wi-Fi services, opening up more public data to facilitate the development of user-friendly mobile applications (apps) for the public, and encouraging the development of Smart Technologies and Solutions to the community.  In view of this, it is expected that tremendous business opportunities in Smart City related products and solutions will be unleashed.

In order to shed more lights on what Smart City means to Hong Kong people and to unveil the underlying opportunities for the local business community, HKIRC conducted a survey titled “Would Smart Technologies Smarten up Hong Kong?” in July.

With more than 1,322 local Internet users interviewed, over 50% of the respondents think it is important for the government to transform Hong Kong into a Smart City, and that Smart City would help them save time (79.6%), enhance quality of life (77.4%) and live green (62.4%).

Other key survey findings include:

  1. Massive business opportunities in Smart Technologies
  • Over 70% of the respondents are interested in Smart Technologies in a near future. For those who are willing to spend 11% or above of their monthly incomes*, 38.2% indicate that they would like to spend on Smart Healthcare/ Education, 37.6% on Smart Living, 31% on Smart Safety, 29.2% on Smart Finance, 29% on Smart Mobility and 27.7% on Smart Utility. This implies a massive business potential for our startups and business community.

*Remarks: The above is based on the monthly income group (HK$20,000 – HK$39,999), which represents 33.5% of the respondents.

  1. Results echo the Government’s Smart City Development Blueprint
  • Government Wi-Fi Programme (65.4%), Energizing Kowloon East (26.6%) as well as Digital 21 Strategy (22.5%) are the most recalled Smart City policies.
  • Despite the seemingly strong support on Smart City development and massive business potential in Hong Kong, the respondents think the quality as well as breadth and depth of products and services in Smart Government (36.1%), Smart Living (21.3%), Smart Mobility (20.8%) and Smart Economy (16.8%) still have plenty of room for improvements; hence, a development blueprint is required

“The survey results echo the government’s spearhead action in Smart City development.” said Mr. Simon Chan, Chairman of HKIRC. “This year’s DMP demonstrates a strong demand from the public for Smart Technologies, and the business community is ready to launch products and solutions to meet the needs.  We are happy to see that the city has started to emerge itself into a Smart City.”

At the 2016 Digital Marketplace Seminar “Smart City Business – Shaping our Future” today, about 500 participants acquired first-hand market intelligence and explored new opportunities as well as best practices.

Guest speakers and industry leaders from MTR, PwC Advisory Services, Future Impact Lab Limited, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, JOS, Realmax Hong Kong, Smart City Consortium, Hong Kong Cyberport Management Limited as well as Octopus Cards Limited shared their opinions on various topics.