Mr Terence NAM

Mr Terence NAM
  • Founder
  • Hong Kong Joint University Esports Tournament

Set up R.Evolvers Limited and VJGamer in 2016.

In the same year, R.Evolvers Limited set up Hong Kong Joint University Eports Tournament. The first and only eSports tournament united most of the university’s student unions. The 1st Grand Final held in Hong Kong Chinese University’s Sir Run Run Shaw Hall and has invited celebrity in the HK such as Mr.Chip Tsao, Ms. Mak Ling Ling, Nathan Law etc. The event has combined eSports and university’s Cosplay culture which attracted nearly 3000 visitor to join including lots of media.

VJGamer has been invited to world largest gaming exhibition “Electronic Entertainment Expo ( E3 )” by Microsoft after launched less than 3 months. Which become a significant gaming media in HK.

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